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i love telling people i’m proud of them. i love the ways their eyes light up. i love the little hair tuck my friend does when anyone compliments her. i love it when people ruffle their hair every time they cross a mirror. i love the rain clinging to the windows of my forever home. i love how sunlight bounces off of eyes and makes shades that make my body ache. i love how my friend says my name, with a hitch in her breath and a smile on her face. i love how my mother sees the best in everyone. i love how my heart aches for my friends that I rarely see. i love watching people pour their hearts into the things they love. i love how my dad pours his heart into the people he loves. i love how i say i love you like it means nothing to me anymore. i love how i don’t choke on my own words when i tell people i care about them. i love how i’m starting to feel at home no matter where i am.

i love love love love.

it’s the people that make you want to run across the streets screaming your lungs out. it’s lying on the grass and feeling the warmth caress your face as you breathe in the changing of the seasons. it's stumbling across corners of your life that you had long forgotten, it's cherishing them, learning to love them despite despising every inch of them. it's gazing at misshapen pieces of yourself and forgiving yourself for being unforgiving at times. it's walking hand in hand across busy streets and thanking yourself for being here, in this version of the present. it's being grateful for all the changing of colors. the lavender has long since disappeared, the reds been muted a shade beyond recognition. it's realizing that one cannot be one color at one time. it's being okay with whatever shade decides to color you messily. it's beautiful, really.

i think you fall in love just a little bit every day with someone new

maybe it’s okay if that someone is just you.

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Jul 01, 2022

you have such a gift ily


Jul 01, 2022

i’m not crying yOU’RE CRYING

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