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things i live/stayed alive/stay alive for

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the road informs you how it needs to be driven. twists and turns with turntable music, roundabouts and blinding lights. the blurry motion of vehicles moving too fast; racing to their inconsequential destination. cacophonous cries of wheels dragging across the asphalt. lights that flicker and fade away forever as they lose the frail power to brighten the night sky. a moon hidden out of sight, stars too far from reach, buildings too fragile to withstand the power of a burdening future. phosphenes appear without closing your eyes; we don’t need to close our eyes anymore to escape this world. a fantasy, no a nightmarish reality akin to our worst imaginations. a mindless roundabout that we encircle despite staring down the straight path adorned with white lines and glaring signs. why choose the road not taken if we taint it with our imperfect presence? all we do is drive, all we do is think about the feelings that we hide. all we do is sit in silence waiting for a sign. all we do is drive.


"RED" - published in the july issue of the beetle magazine (by delhi poetry slam) under the theme of self-destruction

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I like the way the sun tints the sky differently every time it winks out of sight and I am obsessed with the colors that are splayed across the canvas of our world, the hope that every sunrise brings gives our existence a meaning and the fact that the sky never looks the same is astounding and relieving at the same time because constant is boring and boring is frustrating.


my heart thumps in excitement as i prepare to leap off the mountain with nothing but the wind lifting me up with all its might. i struggle to contain my shock at fulfilling my dream to fly without being trapped and enclosed in a metal contraption. the tears escape me as the joy overshadows all emotions i’ve ever felt. my vision blurs. the wind is in my face and my body threatens to escape into the sky in order to resemble the birds i have been fascinated with all my life. the uncontrollable smile that stretched from ear to ear surprises me for i have never felt this way before. i feel determined and in control as i make my way into the horizon that eventually leads me back to reality which has a newfound meaning.

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