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“Don’t trust the moon, she’s always changing. The shores bend and break and she begs to be loved”

The agony of absence leaves an aching. The moon checks the amnesia of our sense of invincibility. Watching the moon change its phases every single day. The absence of the moon makes your heart ache with a longing that you never knew you were capable of feeling. The flaws on its milky surface that are visible from the great distance make it even more alluring. The moon is an unattainable force of nature that shall forever remain untainted even with all the gazes that are trained on it. Lunatic. Our moon is “Luna”. A lunatic in origin is in accordance with the moon affecting the mental faculties of a being with its immense power. The moon pulls the waves of the vast oceans simply because she can, because she possesses that power. The fascination with which the child writhing within each of us fixates our eyes on the gradual disappearance as the car drives away from this celestial body. She smiles at us with the reassurance that she has not disappeared - that she will return. What would we do if we saw two moons in our bleak sky? How many of us would notice this? How many of us look up to the sky with the sole purpose of gazing at this flawed piece of rock that steals the light from an actual star? How am I so fascinated by the imitation of a star? In all senses of the word, I believe I am a lunatic.

(picture credits to Pratik Kayal @pratik_kayal on instagram)

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